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Satans Seed affiliate program! The faithful will reap riches!

i am the way

Legion Lucifer Lucifer loves you affiliate program.
Earn cash for pledge sign ups and merch sales. Coming in the next few days so come back you hear and sign up.

Lucifer wants His people to be rich, healthy and strong, and that wealth and health is a sign of his favor. Achieving wealth, therefore, is a sign that Lucifer loves you more than anyone even Jehovah.
So become a Legion Lucifer affiliate. You can earn money and build the ranks of Legion. will cause Lucifer to rain gifts down in exchange during your living days.
These seeds get Lucifers attention. They will be seen as a Gratitude offering. The gratitude Lucifer deserves for providing mankind with all the pleasures they love to indulge in. Gratitude always produces favor and favor will cause you to receive in a moment, more than others do in a lifetime! The more seeds the more you can receive in return from Lucifer.

Join the ever growing family of Devil worshippers. The sons and daughters of Lucifer await you. Spread Legion Lucifer world wide and everything can be yours in this life and the next. Don't delay your living days are numbered.

Follow Me

satan on inverted cross with pentagram I am the way. Follow me Satan hanging on an inverted cross with I am the way, eat me, 666 and encased in the text Take up your cross and follow me imposed over an inverted pentagram hoodies and tshirts. Available in sizes small through 4x. Front or back design. Colors Black, Ash Grey(Black graphic) blue and red.


Hell is Cool

hell is cool with hot and cold text Visit the Apophis Dagod store for more hell is cool apparel and gear.


Winged Pentagram

inverted 666 cross winged pentagram Visit the Apophis Dagod store for more hell is cool apparel and gear.