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Part 1 of 666

Let me begin by saying all true believers are prophets of Satan but not all have walked with Him as I. First thing is to address the unbelievers, those who neither believe in Jehovah/Yahweh or Satan/Lucifer. "YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE" surpise surprise surprise! Satan has dominion over this world. He is reality. Master of Reality. Who ends up in hell? Ha Ha just about everyone. Let me elaborate a bit in this first part of the 666 part series. Jehovah has his own system in regards to who gets to be with him in His Paradise. But let me tell you the ones that make it are far and few between.

People love to indulge in what Lucifer offers but most do not give him the glory. You surely are not "heaven material" So your best chance for an eternity of pleasures of the flesh is to pledge your soul now to Satan, if not you are doomed and go straight to the pit.

Jehovah does not let just anyone or everyone in paradise if that was the case paradise would actually be hell and full of liers, defilers, fornicators etc etc. You have been hoodwinked into believing you can enjoy all the carnal desire and pleasures of excess Lucifer grants you then when its getting close to dying you repent or you start to believe in christ who I might add was not the son of Jehovah. Jehovah does not forget what you have done. And just because you get to old to sin or your all sinned out, which never can totally be the case. Or believe in christ dont mean much to Jehovah. Very few actually make it, just his elect.

This is enough for the first part of the series. There is so much more so stop back to learn whats in hell and more! Pledge your soul now To reap riches and more in this life plant the seeds of Satan

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