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Part 5 of 666. Satan does not need to buy souls. Not in this day and age

In part 5 of I Walked with Satan I Apophis Dagod due to a request will address this issue will set the record straight on the Satan buys souls or selling your soul to the devil thing.
Lucifer does not need to buy anyones soul as hell is overflowing. This was done infrequently in centuries past with people Beelzebub wanted to use as an example to show jehovah that all of mankind enjoys pleasures of the flesh, excess, money etc etc etc, all sin jehovah despises and will forget about jehovah with a drop of a hat. It was all just a game that Beelzebub used to amuse Himself thats about it.
Just remember there are 2 levels to hell. The pit in hell which is overflowing. Whats the pit? Well if you have been following my series and sermons you should know that this is where all those that do not pledge their soul or swear allegiance to Beelzebub end up. the pit is a cesspool of humankind that suffer eternal torment at the hands of us the pledged souls. Lucifers own elect so to speak. And hell itself in which We the legion of Lucifer live in endless delight and ecstasy. Eternal pleasures of the flesh. The only true orgasmic eternal life, there is no other for mankind. Your heaven is eternal boredom and you don't have a chance of ascending, see previous installments of this series.
The pit is a cross between Hellraiser and Nightmare on Elm st. Like the movies you ask? Yes of course, with all these movies about hell and the devil etc etc they are bound to get it right on some points with their creative minds but but not on all aspects in one flick. So we the pledged souls get to pull the strings in the pit for our amusement. I myself will get my sadistic rocks off by ripping apart the inhabitants of the pit with immense spiked and bladed phallic objects and smashing their heads like watermelons while being in a total frenzied euphoric state. You can experience the greatest feeling that the best earthly drugs will never do for you thats for sure.
You want hell and you want it now!
Admit it! Pledge now.
You love to get drunk.
You love sodomy.
You love fornication.
You love to cheat.
You love to steal.
You love cocaine.
You love Ice.
You love all the pleasure, the sins that jehovah hates and your not going to heaven
that Jesus crap is just that bullshit.
He was not the son of jehovah or jehovah himself get real.
Only alternative of eternal life for you. Pledge now.
If not to the pit with you and suffer at the hands of the pledged souls and our sadistic pleasures. Pledge now.
This is enough for part 5 of the series. Come on down now you hear!

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