Pleasures Await

Join us.

Part 6 of 666. The minions of Lord Lucifer have taken control of your churches.

In part 6 of I Walked with Satan I Apophis Dagod will explain Lucifers master plan that sends all those that don't accept Lucifer in their hearts and cling to the false hope of Jesus and the salvation of Jehovah right to the pit of hell.
Lucifer loves you and gives you all the pleasures you desire on earth yet you do not embrace Him. You embrace jesus or jehovah or thank no one at all, this is for you atheists.
We have taken the seat in your so called holy places. Your churches and temples are being run by the minions of Satan. Your priests, your ministers, your elders all of them right up to the pope are all working to send all of you straight to the pit in hell.
Since you continue to reject Satan and not pledge your souls your fate is the pit.
We have you all so confused with so many denominations. With so many creeds and so many do it yourself salvation plans and none of them will ever get you to your heaven or allow you to ascend.
We tell you all that you are going to heaven just say this or do that and you are in. And you believe it while giving us your money while we just laugh at you all.
We tell you to forget about jehovah laws in the bible it does not matter your going to heaven.
We tell you sinning in the eyes of Jehovah is ok and he forgives it all so don't worry. jesus loves you!
There is only one way you can ascend and Jehovah knows it. None of you have what it takes.
The wages of sin equals death according to jehovah god it's in your bible read it sometime the whole thing.
You love to sin but yet you reject Lucifer how foolish can you be.
Lucifer brings to you all the pleasures of the flesh and worldly desires yet you don't give Him the Glory He deserves.
For those that don't accept Lord Lucifer as their one true God and reject him there is only one fate for you. That is the pit. You will never ascend or join the ranks of Legion either, that is just fine with Lucifer. You will suffer at the hands of those that accept Lucifer into their hearts pledge their souls and work to destroy jehovah and the acsended.
There will be no eternal life for you just torture at our hands for as long as we want to keep you in misery.
We the legion of Lucifer live eternally with unending pleasures of the flesh and orgasmic delights.
The only alternative of eternal life for you. Pledge your soul now.
If not to the pit with you and suffer at the hands of the pledged souls and our sadistic pleasures. Pledge now.
This is enough for part 6 of the series. Remember Lucifer is Love. Satan Saves

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