Pleasures Await


Legion Lucifer Pledge

Pledge now for an eternity of pleasure of the flesh, your wildest desires.
Hail Lord Lucifer, Beelzebub enlightener of worlds.
Grantor of an eternal life of unending pleasures.
I (enter your name below)

hereby pledge my eternal soul to Lord Lucifer.
To take my place in the ranks of Legion to fullfil my destiny in
the final assault and overthrow of Jehovah and the ascended.
I hail you Lord Lucifer as the one true Master and God
of the Universe. Hail Satan, Hail Lucifer, Hail Beelzebub!

Satans Seeds

Lucifer does not buy souls for rewards in this life. Man has always tried to renege. These days man does not have a chance to be heaven quality. Nor does Lucifer know if you are of Gods elect and may go to heaven. Why pay for something he will get for free? And damned souls to the pit are of no use to Him. The battle of the Gods, Lucifer and Jehovah is coming and ranks Legion must be filled with the loyal. You can have wealth, health, fame and fortune. Plant your seeds of Satan now. Do not go on any longer with no hope. Live in squalor no more.
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Follow Me

satan on inverted cross with pentagram I am the way. Follow me Satan hanging on an inverted cross with I am the way, eat me, 666 and encased in the text Take up your cross and follow me imposed over an inverted pentagram hoodies and tshirts. Available in sizes small through 4x. Front or back design. Colors Black, Ash Grey(Black graphic) blue and red.


Hell is Cool

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Winged Pentagram

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