Pleasures Await

Join us.

Welcome to hell! Come on down!

Part 2 of 666. What is hell and why do I want to go there.

In part 2 of I Walked with Satan I Apophis Dagod will enlighten you to what hell is all about and what exactly the motive is to why I want you to pledge your soul as opposed to just letting you all end up in the pit.
Dante was a bit right with his levels in hell but there is only two.
One is the pit and the other is the Glory of Hell
You have souls destined for the pit as opposed to the glory of Hell for the pledged souls that are rewarded in abundance.

First of all pledged souls of the strong and healthy will receive in return eternal pleasures of the flesh upon your death. Whatever your desires are. Unpledged souls go to the pit and are our fodder and play things to do with what we wish.
Unpledged souls are made up of most of mankind and those folks that think they can waltz into the realm of the ascended(otherwise known as heaven) after leading a life of sin according to Jehovah not Lucifer of course. Thinking you can indulge in all your most favored carnal desires, pleasures of the flesh and so forth and you have a shot at ascension. Or this Jesus character allowed this by dying for your sins. Really how stupid can people really be. You have been duped.
What is the catch?

Pledged souls make up the Army of Lucifer or Legion of Lucifer if you like.
Our purpose is to wage war against the realm of "Heaven" the ascended and defeat Jehovah and Lucifer will take his rightful place in the realm of the ascended.
Lucifer will harness the power from all pledged souls of the strong. Lucifer does not accept old weak dying people.
So as you see our purpose and what hell really is about is much like Valhalla and the battle of Ragnarok.
Remember your chances are slim to none of becoming one of the ascended.
Unpledge souls go to the pit and are fodder for pledged souls amusement.
Pledged souls are rewarded in Hell with eternal pleasures of the flesh while waiting to wage war with the ascended and install Lord Lucifer in His rightful place.

Heaven is fuc*ing boring, hardly anyone there, no one cool so join us and get with the program.
Think of this. The bible does not really state what goes on in heaven.
What they say is there will be a new heaven and earth but this is to happen when this world is destroyed. But this will not happen as Lucifer will overthrow Jehovah and take over long before that may happen.
Your heaven is so sketchy it's laughable. I give you the true glory of Hell itself.
The end of part 2 of the series. Want fame, fortune, health and more now? Plant seeds of Satan.

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