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Part 3 of 666. What is heaven, what will I do there and why would I want to go there?

What is heaven? What do I do there and why the hell do I want to go there.
The hoax of heaven is just that. Why do you think it is not clear exactly in your bible what you will be doing for eternity
besides staring at Jehovah. Ha! how long do you think that thrill will last? An eternity? Believe me Apophis Dagod prophet of Satan, you will get bored real quick and what else will you do? It actually is an eternity of the shear torment of boredom.
Are you going to see your relatives? Don't think so they are not there nor will you be.
And think about it, if that was true do you really want that? I don't thats for sure. I had enough of them as it is.
Heaven is an exclusive club and the only ones there now are some of the Old prophets of Jehovah from the Old Testament.
As well as some of the most trully pious and those are far and few between. Remember jehovah said none are righteous not one.
We will have no problem defeating this lot and installing Lord Lucifer as Supreme ruler of the Universe thats for sure.
They say all past sins are forgotten and you get a new soul and glorified body or some nonsense like that. But this supposed to happen when your christ returns not when you die dudes. And he is not returning thats a fact cause he is not god.
A new earth? Where on Mars? Ha Ha.
And if that was the case it would not be you and you would not be aware of anything else but Jehovah and bowing to him for eternity. Is that what you would want? For eternity? No fun, no perverted sex, no acting out you most carnal
desires, the exctasy of eternal pleasures of the flesh. This is what the glory of hell and Lucifer offers you and
it is a guarantee, yours for the asking and you don't have to wonder if you will get there. Lucifer offers you the only way to an eternity of true salvation and freedom with an eternity of pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.
Pledge your soul today to Lord Lucifer plant some seeds and secure the true salvation that Lucifer offers you.

In part 4 of the series I walked with Satan I will explain how Satans minions have taken control in the churches with
the main task of confusing people with so many do it your self get to heaven plans with the end means to just
insure keeping you out. Even if you dont pledge your soul to Lucifer you wont make it to heaven anyway and that is just as good.Pledge now To reap riches and more in this life plant the seeds of Satan

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