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Part 4 of 666. Jesus, the new covenant hoax and sinners do not go to heaven,

In part 4 of I Walked with Satan I Apophis Dagod will enlighten you to another fact that that new covenant hoax from the so called new testament is just that, a fraud. Jehovah laid it on the line from the beginning. That Jesus character was not the son of Jehovah or anything of the sort. He was just one of many of these beatniks roaming around looking for followers to support his lazy ass and cooking up his own story about how to get to the so called heaven.
Lucifer himself could not have fooled the people as well as he did along with his so called apostles who really got creative and cooked up alot of nonsense in those "gospels" ha ha.
Apophis Dagod is your true savior. Why and how you ask? I am here to set the record straight from Beelzebub himself. Which I might add is the name Lord Lucifer kind of prefers as he says it has a nice ring to it.
I am offering you in the name of Beelzebub the only true salvation and eternal life of pleasure, excess, deviant sex you name it. What ever your pleasure it can be yours for the taking. Just pledge your soul today and secure your eternal rewards.
Remember, did you lie today? Did you touch yourself in an impure manner? Did you cheat somebody. Did you perform deviant fun sex acts? Did you steal something? etc etc. Do you like too? Do you do what you want and forget about Jehovah? GOOD of course you do! Admit it. As soon as you do we will all start getting along.
But you surely are not ascension material irregardless of what you have been sold.
You will not go to your heaven there is only one alternative of eternal life for you. Pledge now.
You will not come back as a dog or another person. Only alternative of eternal life for you. Pledge now.
Your spirit does not float around forever. Only alternative of eternal life for you. Pledge now.
If not to the pit with you and suffer at the hands of the pledged souls and our sadistic pleasures. Pledge now.
This is enough for part 4 of the series. Come on back now you here!

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