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Part 7 of 666. Jehovah god hates your guts. Lucifer loves you.

In part 7 of I Walked with Satan I Apophis Dagod will explain how jehovah god despises mankind and how Lucifer loves you and is the only real chance of an eternal life of ecstasy.
Lucifer loves you and does not cause death, disease, illness nor does he bring destruction upon the earth.
That is all jehovahs doing. This is because he hates your guts. He wants you all to go to the pit because none of you will ever have what it takes to ascend. You indulge in every sin he hates and Lucifer brings you.
Jehovah gave up on mankind long ago. Lucifer has won and you have been abandoned by jehovah. You disgust him. In no way shape or form does he want any of you around him. And I might add heaven is nothing but eternal boredom. No pleasures of the flesh what mankind enjoyed the most on earth. Looking at jehovah is not much fun especially for an eternity and he wants nothing to do with this lot anyway. But Lucifer loves you all and has the only sure fire path to an eternity of pleasures.
Lucifer offers you everything you could desire here on earth and an eternity of pleasure is yours for the asking, you do not have to beg on your knees. Just pledge your soul is all that it takes and secure your place in legion and an eternity of pleasures of the flesh.
Lucifer brings to you all the pleasures of the flesh and worldly desires give Him the glory He deserves.
For those that don't accept Lord Lucifer as their one true God and reject him there is only one fate for you. That is the pit. You will never ascend or join us in the ranks of Legion either, that is just fine with Lucifer either way. You will suffer at the hands of those that accept Lucifer into their hearts pledge their souls and work to destroy jehovah and the little there are of the acsended.
There will be no eternal life for you just torture at our hands for as long as we want to keep you in misery.
The pit is the repetition of torture and in your heart you know that don't you.
We the legion of Lucifer live eternally with unending pleasures of the flesh and orgasmic delights.
The only alternative of eternal life for you. Pledge your soul now.
If not to the pit with you and suffer at the hands of the pledged souls and our sadistic pleasures. Pledge now.
This is enough for part 7 of the series. Remember Lucifer is Love. Satan Saves

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