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Part 8 of 666. What makes you think your going to heaven?

In part 8 of I Walked with Satan I Apophis Dagod will tell you bluntly why you have a snowballs chance in hell(pun) of going to this heaven place or ascending.
Remember, I tell you all this because Lucifer loves you and wants you to have an eternal life of pleasures as one of his elect, as one of the legion of Lucifer and it is easily obtainable for all.
As I have stated in previous sermons you constantly and willingly indulge in sin that Lucifer brings you and sin that jehovah despises. In fact not a day goes by that you don't commit sin of one kind or another.
But it boils down to your perception of what sin is. Read your bible. Jehovah laid it out for you but you dont listen very well do you. example:You people commit sodomy because you love it dont you? We do. And you think about doing it even when you cant get none, thats sin according to jehovah. Some of you take it in the bum and do oral sex wearing a damn cross. Your going straight to the pit baby make no mistake about it.
You listen to Lucifer very well and indulge so give Him the glory. But you think that you are basically a good person and jesus said if I believe on him I will go to heaven. Poppycock!
Jehovah forgets nothing, He is the all knowing and seeing. Even if he had a son the son dont make the rules and that trinity stuff is bullshit. There is only one jehovah and Lucifer will be taking over real soon baby. He remembers everything you have done in your life and its not a score card about how many sins versus how many good deeds you did that shifts the balance in your favor. You surely cant buy your way into heaven thats not how it works dude!
You are all doomed to the pit. Remember, I tell you all this because Lucifer loves you and wants you to have an eternal life of pleasures as one of his elect, as one of the legion of Lucifer and it is easily obtainable for all. As I stated in a previous sermon Satan rules in the churches and has taken seat in the so called holy places. Why? The bible says to deceive the very elect. This is partly true let me explain. In one aspect yes you are all deceived into thinking you all are going to heaven, thats the deception my friends. There are very few elect of jehovah. Its a one here maybe one there kind of thing. And there are many more centuries ahead before the battle between Lucifer and us the descended and jehovah and the ascended.
Lucifer offers you everything you could desire here on earth and an eternity of pleasure is yours for the asking, you do not have to beg on your knees. Just pledge your soul is all that it takes and secure your place in legion and an eternity of pleasures of the flesh.
You do not go to heaven when you die. You go to the pit, just like Lazarus and just like your jesus did before his so called ascension to his daddy. Ha Ha but not for you. And not him either, your jesus guy is still in the pit and we fuck with him and torture his ass without mercy. Have you even read your own bible chiristians?
For you catholics, hey there is no such thing as limbo and purgatory. Where the hell did you see that in the bible? Right, its not in there no such thing. All your dead babies go to the pit. No one becomes an angel when they die, you people are easily duped. There is only the pit for you or the glory of hell if you pledge your soul to Lord Lucifer. Otherwise there will be no eternal life for you just misery at our hands in the pit as out playthings for as long as we like.
The only alternative of an eternal life of ecstacy for you. Pledge your soul now.
If not to the pit with you and suffer at the hands of the pledged souls and our sadistic delights. Pledge now.
This is enough for part 8 of the series. Remember Lucifer is Love. Satan Saves

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